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Choosing a Fragrance for your Home




The fragrance you choose to use in your home is very personal. Everyone has a specific taste and style and this is reflected in the fragrance you choose. There are so many fragrances to choose from, and it is important to take your time considering what will be ideal for your home…perhaps you need to sample a few before you get to the one you love. So, where to start… 

Personality, as well as Age can be a key factor

A younger person may be inclined to focus more on what the current fragrance trends are.   A young woman may prefer a sweeter, more floral fragrance. An older woman may prefer a more homely fragrance. A young man may enjoy something fresh and invigorating, whilst an older man may prefer something more soothing and relaxing.  Someone with a bold, outgoing personality will enjoy a stronger, bolder scent, whilst a quieter person may enjoy something softer.

The style and feel of your home is another factor

If your home has a minimalistic or contemporary style you may prefer a fragrance that is light and airy and more subtle. A bright, colorful home would suite more bolder fragrance. A home which favours more traditional or vintage style may suit a more traditional fragrance.

Continuity of Fragrance

Once you have chosen a fragrance that works for you, you may find that you would like a change now and then. Choose a fragrance from the same family and you will continue the theme you enjoy. Fragrances can be divided as follows: Fresh, Sweet, Soothing, Floral, Fruity, Citrus, and Spicy.  See our fragrance oil chart (Fragrance Categories - under Product Info)for more clarity on this.

Having a fragrance you enjoy in your home ensures that you ‘Enjoy your Space’. It sets the mood and tone and welcomes others to your home as well.

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